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Best Lamborghini Designs Ever Created

If you are looking into an exotic supercar, chances are that you are struggling to decide from a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. These two brands epitomize the term “supercar” with absolutely no compromise when it comes to style and extravagance. Lamborghini, especially, has a reputation for designing very outrageous cars, ones  which look amazing on a poster hanging over a wall, as well as on the road. Even so, some Lamborghinis are definitely much better than others. Here is a look at some of the finest.

1. Lamborghini Veneno
The most recent Lamborghini might also be the most insane. It has design elements that happen to be clearly reminiscent of past models, yet it still manages to look new and bold. Furthermore, it does not hurt that it comes with a massive 740 horsepower V12 engine under the hood. In fact, it would not a true Italian supercar without a lot of power. It includes a very hefty price tag of $4.6 million, as you would also expect with a Lamborghini.


2. Lamborghini Countach
However the Countach is just not the car that put Lamborghini on the map, it might be its most famous design and certainly usually the one which featured the bold, jet fighter-inspired lines which may become a staple of the company’s design for years to come.


3. Lamborghini Miura
For Lamborghini, the Miura is definitely the car that started it all and what a way to kick things off. The Miura did genuinely have a lasting impact on the market as a whole by popularizing the mid-engine position for supercars, one which would become the standard since then on.


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Huge Haulers—Hybrids that are Large, In-Charge, and Eco-friendly

So who knew giant trucks could be so environmentally responsible?Whether you need to rent a van for an upcoming family move or for your business, renting a big truck doesn’t preclude an eco-friendly choice anymore. Let’s look at a few big, brawny, smart hybrids that will make anybody glad they went big and green.

Hino Hybrid—It’s  like a Prius, Only Much, Much Bigger


Hino isn’t a terribly well known brand name in the US yet, but the parent company sure is. That would be Toyota, makers of the most successful hybrid car in the world,  the Prius. The Hino panel truck is so much bigger than a Prius it actually weighs as much as six of the little hybrids. Hino is the commercial truck making division of Toyota and they have been selling trucks on the American market since 1984. Their engineers are said to have developed their trucks independently from their  automotive colleagues at Toyota. The systems are different under the hood, too. The only take away we really need to remember is Hino hybrids are big, powerful, and  still manage to save 30 percent in fuel costs compared to their regular diesel brethren. With diesel fuel costs as much as they are today, it’s easy to see why even a local move with a hybrid can save a consumer some real money. It’s also nice that they’re putting a lot less CO2 in the atmosphere.

Even Bigger Options


Although it was once considered impractical to use large hybrids for heavy duty highway hauling, technology is rapidly changing that view. Freightliner, International, and Peterbilt are already developing large moving vans for users like UPS and FedEx for their urban, stop-and-go traffic routes. Experts say that hybrid Class 8 or tractor trailer trucks are in the works, too. They say even big trucks on the highway can save 3-5 percent in fuel costs, which add up to big savings in anybody’s book. The hybrid is the future of big trucks and that future is here.

Whether you are planning a local move or need a big truck for company use, be sure to check out They were the first rental agency in the United States to use the new 2013 HINO diesel-electric hybrid. They have been a top choice since 1978 and would love to work with you.


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How to Get More Money when You Want to Sell Your Car

“When you are planning to buy a new car, you do have a few options when it comes to your old one. If it’s in really bad shape, you can scrap it. You should probably try to sell it off if there is still life left in it. There really is no limit, high or low, when it comes to the purchase price you can get for this. Obviously, you need to sell it for as much as possible and these tips will help you achieve this.

1. Clean it up

First impressions count for a lot. That is why you would like your car to immediately stand out in a good way. A simple way of doing this is to simply clean it. First you should remove all of the junk from the car, then provide a thorough wash yourself or take it to a carwash. Any other minor tweaks which are inexpensive and will improve the looks of the car will also be likely to raise the asking price.


2. Advertise it

Nowadays, there are tons of places where you could advertise a car for sale. Ask for help from anyone who has or at least someone who knows what to do if you haven’t done this in a long time. The internet, especially, can be a great resource with the chance of advertising on specialized websites and on social websites.


3. Create a good ad

You should put some effort into your advertisement, even though you’re not a PR rep so nobody is expecting miracles here. Be brief and succinct and include useful info including model, mileage and then make trim level, production year etc.


After you sell your car, you can buy one at Chevrolet Ontario. Here at it will be possible to choose the car you like best from a large collection of excellent vehicles.”


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Four Innovations in Car Creature Comforts

It’s no secret, times are changing and technological advances are arriving through the millions around the quick. It’s difficult to even carry on sometimes, but when you do, you already know you can never again live without this new advanced feature. In the world of cars, there are advances in stability and safety, when it comes to new gadgets and features, that’s when car shopping inside the new millennium truly gets exciting! Today’s Oldsmobiles are truly not your grandfather’s Oldsmobile; in fact, I’m not sure they even make Oldsmobiles anymore! Here are a couple of ingenious advanced car features you can find standard in a lot of cars.

1. USB Port

DTLA Nissan-2-1
Even five-years ago, the thought of a USB port, traditionally found in the last decade or two for transportation of internet data from a device into a computer, could have been totally removed, conceptually, from an automobile. But now, where so many devices, like iPhones and iPads and iThings or all kinds, get charged through USB port, many cars now actually have a USB port hardwired in to the car. In some cars, they’ve even replaced cigarette lighters with power ports and USB ins. No more smoking, with out more dead phones on the road!

2. Rear Camera

DTLA Nissan-2-2
Bump, bang, nudge. We all get it done when parallel parking, but you’re not supposed to. When I hit a snow bank on my small driver’s test last 1996, rather than failing, the teacher simply told me that, while many people backup until they hit something, the proper technique is to, well, not make it happen. If I had one of many rear cameras that numerous cars get these days, that would do not have happened. First time I drove a vehicle with a camera was a student in the Torrance Nissan dealership. I hopped in, so when I threw it back, a screen actually appeared inside my rearview mirror. Some might refer to it as cheating, however i call it ingenious. And cars with one of these cameras are affordable! Don’t trust me? Check and see yourself!

3. GPS in DashboardDTLA Nissan-2-3
I am thoroughly comfortable using my iPhone for GPS, and i also do regularly, but the issue is where you should dock it while I’m driving. I use a holster that I put on my windshield but that hardly helps because it distracts from my visual view. What if a small child races looking at me just so! That’d be awful! Now many cars feature the GPS hardwired to the dashboard, and it’s not the GPS they used to have, where it had been clunky and old. The These tools now can update and can locate you within a few moments. They give you directions either visually or audibly, and you’ll even alter the voice’s accent. I’m waiting for the advance where you can plug in your individual, or a loved one’s, voice. That would increase the hilarity without doubt!

4. Automatic High Beam Control
Whoever has spent any moment outside of the city knows the expertise of driving down a deserted, tree-lined road along with your brights on, looking out for deer or moose, and feeling the cool summer breeze wash by your hair via the open window. Then the truth is the signs of an oncoming car, so you disengage your brights, only to be blinded once the other driver has not yet performed the same courtesy. Well, now many cars possess the automatic high beam control which prevents this from happening. You could imagine it should be easy for a driver to only do this themselves, but they’re probably depressed by texting and Facebooking.


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Four “Cool” Yet Practical Cars For a Seventeen Year Old

So you’ve made it to the golden age of self-transportation and you need to get your first set of wheels. This can be the most exciting purchase of your life, so you don’t want to mess it up. Everyone remembers their first car. Mine was a 1984 Mercury Cougar which I shared with my brother, and though its power faded from V6 greatness to what seemed like a 4 cylinder in reverse, we loved that thing. However, it was not the most reliable or cool car, often requiring overnights at our friendly neighborhood mechanic, whom we knew all too well. If you’re on a casual first name basis with your mechanic, you know you’ve got the wrong car. Most people can’t afford to break the bank on their first car, so here are some car models that are great for a first car: cool enough but not too expensive.

1. Chevrolet Sonic

This newbie to the Chevy family is a great sedan for the teen. It’s reliable and sleek and gets great gas mileage, plus it can house all your friends and comes with a bumping stereo. It used to be a Daewoo, until Chevrolet took over the operation of its manufacture. Its 1.8 liter engine gives enough push and drive to get you up and over the hills and to school on time, but you will not be the laughing stock of any social gathering. In fact, many will envy its cool selection of colors and surprising comfort. It’s a great go to for a first car. Test drive one at the Chevrolet Dealership in Ontario or find a great deal online for a lightly used one at

2. Honda Civic

I do like Japanese cars a lot because if you maintain them, they can last a long time. The Accord is also a good car, but the Civic will give you better gas mileage because it’s much smaller and lighter. Honda’s can go and go forever, and the sporty two-door Civic is a fantastic first car. You got room for your leading lady (or fella) and a couple overnight bags in the back. If you play drums, you can fit them in the hatchback. It’s a versatile and peppy vehicle that you will love. It’s cool because of how much stuff you can bring along with you, so you’ll be the first person your friends will ask to hang out, if only for your car!

3. Kia Spectra

When Kia first came out, they had reliability issues, so there’s still a stigma about this lower-priced car. Don’t let there be! Just like when Jack in the Box had a health scare back in the 80’s or 90’s and that caused them to be the absolute cleanest fast food chain, Kia’s have had to make sure their cars are long lasting and reliable. They have done that. You will get more room for your money than with a Nissan or Honda, though there is a bit of a plasticy feel to Kias. If that doesn’t bother you, and it shouldn’t – you need a car to get around after all, not impress the paparazzi – a couple-years-old Kia can be a great bargain. Be a trailblazer – they’re cooler than some may think!

4. Hyundai Accent

One of the best brands for your buck is Hyundai. Like Kia, they started off with a bad reputation of being a little cheap and therefore almost like a punch line. They have taken off in Europe and are making a big push for being a major player in the USA. There’s no longer a stigma against them, and you can help their reputation even more by going in for one. It’s a nice sedan that will do you well and actually offers more than what you might expect for the cost. Someday these cars may go for as much as Hondas or Nissans so you can get in on the ground floor.

These cars are fantastic first cars: reliable, affordable, and relatively cool. You’ll get to move on to other more expensive cars later. The last you want to do is spend all the money you can on a car and have it break down on your way home. There’s no real return policy on cars, so make sure you do your homework. These cars are known for reliability, but you still want to have it checked out by someone you know and trust. Wait til your first big pay day to get that convertible, and for now, get comfortable driving and get a cool car that you’ll love.